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Grilled mackerel with tamarind ginger greens

This dish is inspired by my Filipino Mum who loves tamarind and always fed it to me as a child. Its tangy sweet-sour flavour perfectly cuts through the oily mackerel, which you could swap with another type of fish fillet, or use whole fish instead. The ginger greens are lovely hot or warm, or eaten cold as a salad.


Hoisin duck pancakes

While it would be impossible to recreate true Chinese-style duck at home, this version comes with a big thumbs-up from my family. It uses duck breasts, speedy to cook and widely available. The best thing about the recipe is the hoisin sauce, brightened with orange juice or any citrus and creaminess from the tahini. It’s simple to make and tastes like the real deal. It’s such a versatile sauce too.


Skate wings with salsa verde

I didn’t used to be very adventurous with fish but now I’ve discovered skate wings and I think they’re fantastic. They’re not as expensive as some fish, they’re simple to cook and my children love them because there are no bones – the flesh peels away very easily. Capers are a traditional partner for skate so this zesty herby salsa verde is just right. You can also use ray wings for this dish.


Marinated lamb with cauliflower couscous

This is another dish that’s quick to prep and cook but does need time to marinate in order to taste its best. I love lamb but it is quite high in calories so it’s good to serve it with this low-cal but totally lovely cauli couscous. Ras-el-hanout is a North African spice mix and you can buy it in supermarkets.