Review: Lady Libertine

The newest spot in The Edinburgh Grand comes courtesy of the Bon Vivant family and features a cafe, wine bar and restaurant where the glamour is turned up to 11.

Marble tabletops and metallic accents create a space that’s decadent yet welcoming, but Lady Libertine isn’t style over substance. The menu leans towards Middle Eastern flavours, made up of a mouth-watering range of mezze and flatbreads.

Crisp flatbread shards are perfect for scooping up the two kinds of hummus: one with warming rose harissa and another topped with succulent fried lamb and toasted pine nuts. They also come in handy for finishing off the moreish roasted tomato and red pepper sauce surrounding the merguez meatballs that disappeared all too quickly. Generous and reasonably priced, the mezze selection is perfect for pairing with cocktails.

For something more filling, opt for the arayes, a grilled pitta stuffed with minced lamb and pistachio, which I can describe only as the Middle Eastern quesadilla of my dreams. I think Lady Libertine and I might become friends.

25 West Register Street, Edinburgh

Chiara Margiotta

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