Food for Thought: Watercress


The season for this nutritious vegetable is just about to begin. From May to October, Watercress is at its best. Get the scoop on this leafy green and learn why it is making Kale run for its money with tidbits, history, facts and delicious recipes.

Watercress has been famous as nutritious vegetable for centuries, dating back to the Classical Era. Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician known as the Father of Western Medicine, was known to have built his first hospital by water to grow Watercress for his patients.

Today, his beliefs in the health benefits of Watercress still ring true. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have found from their study that Watercress is the most nutrient dense food. They discovered that a serving of this aquatic plant has more vitamin C, Calcium, Iron and Folate than a serving of oranges, milk, spinach and banana.

Want to get in on this healthy good? Start the day right with Watercress and Smoked Bacon on Sourdough for a great breakfast both tasty and beneficial.


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