Review: Absurd Bird, Glasgow

Absurd Bird, Glasgow

A visit to Absurd Bird is a feast for all the senses, from the neon signs on the walls to the satisfying rustle of crunchy buttermilk-fried chicken.

The focus here is comfort food inspired by the Deep South, and lots of it.

We start with a portion of wings glazed in Irn-Bru sauce, which are plump, juicy and perfectly crisp, as well as a warming southern corn dip with tortilla chips.

The pick of the mains was the Nashville Hot chicken burger, which comes loaded up with a dazzling array of toppings and sauces yet somehow managed never to lose its structural integrity.

The classic fried chicken bucket looks very promising on arrival, however the batter gave way to meat that was a little dry.

For dessert, Crack Pie is an irresistible, tooth rotting slice of brown sugar with condensed milk that everyone should try once.

The cocktails are spot on, and with deals and discounts to be had throughout the week, Absurd Bird has all bases covered.

The most absurd thing of all? The Farting Unicorn vanilla milkshake, doused with whipped cream and topped with a wedge of Victoria sponge.

A feast for the eyes and the taste buds.

3 Stock Exchange, Glasgow

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