Make your own spiced bramble gin

bramble gin

We’ve gone bramble picking since I was a child, and like any form of berry picking more go in the belly than the basket. Every autumn I still go. Even though I now live in the city, there are always bushes to be found lurking in unexpected places. Also, there is always someone who knows where a good haul is to be found. Each autumn I freeze some berries so that they last me into winter. I usually make my bramble gin in November with my frozen berries, so the mix will be ready by Christmas. When I’m giving the gin out as presents, I like to make wee tags to accompany them and put some blackberries in with the gin to give it a pretty wee nod to its origins – but go wild and decorate as you wish!

Spiced bramble gin

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  • 1 litre gin
  • 300g foraged brambles
  • 250g sugar
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Clementine peel
  • Cloves
  • Ginger
  • Vanilla
  • Bay leaves


Chuck all the ingredients in a sterilised, airtight container and shake until the sugar is dissolved.

Keep the container somewhere you can see it so you’ll remember to turn it over / shake it a few times daily.

After a month of this . . . voilà! Strain the mixture through a sieve or colander and transfer the liquid into sterilised bottles.

Seal the bottles and drink . . . I mean give away to your nearest and dearest!

To serve, fill a tumbler with crushed ice and some brambles.

Pour over a serving of bramble gin and top up the glass with Prosecco.

Add a ring of clementine and a cinnamon stick for a final flourish.

From The Coorie Home by Beth Pearson, photography by Ciara Menzies. Black and White Publishing, £14.99

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