Finn & Bear

Breezy, cosy and casual, this new restaurant by the team behind The Pantry is perfect for those rare sunny Scottish mornings when you’re on the hunt for brunch by the water.

We started with a creamy ricotta dip with rosemary, pomegranate and honey. The serving size was perfect for two and it didn’t last long before we ran out of sourdough to eat it and we got the spoons out. No qualms here, our dignity was worth it.

A brunch is only as good as its waffles so I opted for the Finn’s House Waffles which came in a heavenly pool of fresh homemade blueberry compote. The indulgently sugared surface gave way to a soft, spongy interior while the fresh blueberries added a tart finish. If you try it with bacon, don’t be shy with the Canadian maple syrup.

While perhaps an unorthodox breakfast dish, the succulent pigeon with brown butter and cauliflower proved a hit. Game jus kept things juicy and tender, indulgent enough for brunch but lean enough to start your day right.

What are you waiting for? Grab a friend, pull up a chair and start your day off right at Finn & Bear.

58 The Shore, Edinburgh, EH6
Words: Emily J Hall

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