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Food for Thought: Watercress

The season for this nutritious vegetable is just about to begin. From May to October, Watercress is at its best. Get the scoop on this leafy green and learn why it is making Kale run for its money with tidbits, history, facts and delicious recipes.

Let There Be Cake

Springtime in Scotland is a tricky one, grey days interspersed with occasional glorious sunshine means planning things can be pretty hit or miss. The one thing that remains reliable come rain or shine are the many delightful places to eat cake in Scotland. Don’t let the weather stop you seeing your pals, set up an afternoon tea at any of these eateries and you’ll be guaranteed a fantastic trip.

This is Edinburgh Brunch

Following on from the This is Edinburgh After Party on Friday, a number of restaurants and cafes all over Edinburgh will be joining in in the This is Edinburgh’s Big Brunch on Saturday 19th of March to soak up the night’s booze! Your favourite eateries will be offering some of their best brunches for £5 or £10, just tell them you want the This is Edinburgh Brunch and tuck in!

Savour the Season

Welcome Spring to your step through the act of savouring. This Season of Renewal has been a time honoured all over the world. Celebrated throughout the ages for its gifts.

Foodie Gifts for Foodie Mums!

Mums work hard. Whether you’re all grown up and moved out or you’re looking to gift something special on behalf of someone too young to pick something out, these delicious foodie gifts will be sure to impress and go some way to show your appreciation.

Pick Your Poision: Glasgow Edition

Don’t have any plans for tonight? When all else fails there is always Cocktails. For a good drink, there is no better place than Glasgow, a place where there is something for everyone. Here are some hot spots for particular moods and tastes.

Get Fruity!

Even the most sweet-toothed of us sometimes still needs a little inspiration to satiate that craving. We’ve compiled a list of some beautifully fruity cakes for you to try your hand at, whether to impress a friend or keep all to yourself!

Edinburgh: Scotland’s Sushi Capital

With its vast student population and huge number of international tourists visiting Edinburgh every year, it’s no surprise that the city is filled to the brim with great sushi restaurants. Here we’ve looked out the best of the best and picked out our favourite menu items for you.

Messy Meals An Anti-Valentines Love Story

Whether you’re loving single life, are staunchly anti-Valentine’s, or spending the night away from your partner with no one to gasp and tell you “you can’t order that, we’re on a date!”, celebrate your defiance in the face of forced fun with these deliciously messy meals.